Mary Lou Krambeer, Principal & Founder, MLK & Company

Mary Lou Krambeer, Principal & Founder, MLK & Company

Focused on developing effective and sustainable organizations


Mary Lou Krambeer, principal of MLK & Company, focuses on the leadership and development of organizations. For over 30 years, she has supported nonprofit organizations and small businesses in all aspects of institutional change and improvement. Underlying all of her work is a passion for developing effective and sustainable organizations. To that end she works with clients to assess their programs and services, build cohesive teams, and develop long-range plans.

Providing a fresh perspective, intense focus, and results

Helping clients who are ready to:


  • pursue greater impact (needs assessment)

  • set a new direction and priorities (strategic planning)

  • increase revenue (fundraising program audits and design)

  • prepare for leadership change (succession planning or executive search)

  • strengthen teams (board and staff development or individual coaching)

  • start-up new projects (define project scope, team structure, and timelines)

  • address external change (economic downturns or legislative mandates)

  • tackle broad issues with a wide array of partners (build networks and collaborative efforts)