Organizations connect with MLK & Company when they are ready to

  • achieve greater impact (needs assessment)
  • set a new direction and strategic priorities (strategic planning)
  • increase revenue (fundraising program audits and design)
  • prepare for leadership change (succession planning or executive search)
  • coach individuals or develop teams (board and staff development)
  • start-up new projects (define initial goals, team structure, and timelines)
  • address external pressures and change (economic downturns or legislative mandates)
  • tackle broad issues with a wide array of partners (build collaborative efforts)


MLK and Company Provides an Outside Perspective, Intense Focus, and Results

Successful organizations must be strategic, committed to learning, and focused on clear and productive paths forward — in other words the big picture. Day-to-day demands on leadership often leave too little time for reflection and planning. It often takes hiring an outsider with experience and perspective — a consultant — to make room for and drive a change process.

MLK & Company consultancies offer a fresh outside perspective and an intense focus on your goals. They are customized to your organization’s particular circumstances and unique culture. Sensitive to the many demands on your team, projects are efficiently designed with great appreciation for each participants’ involvement.

All consultancies are considered a partnership — the client provides content and the MLK and Company manages and advances the process. After leadership articulates their circumstances and challenges, Ms. Krambeer helps structure the emerging priorities. Together they create ambitious, yet appropriate, and achievable goals. Resulting work plans include impactful outcomes and specific timetables. Ms. Krambeer’s meetings are well-designed and productive. Her facilitation style is respectful, engaging, and always direct.